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An essential tool for the coffee connoisseur, the Melior electric gooseneck kettle is the key to enjoying exceptional coffee at home. Designed for precision pouring, it’s the ideal kettle for pour over coffee.

With its slim, elegant gooseneck spout, the Melior water kettle allows for optimum control over your water flow, which results in a more balanced saturation and consistent slow extraction. This brings out the rich flavor and bold aroma of your favorite coffee.

Bodum's electric gooseneck kettle is also equipped with an ergonomic, non-slip handle made from natural, sustainable cork, so it’s supremely comfortable to hold as you pour. With its stylish good looks and fast, powerful boil, the Melior water kettle is as efficient as it is eye-catching. This is pour over, perfected.


  • Ergonomic, elegant design enables you to easily control the speed and consistency of the water flow for optimum pour over brewing 
  • Made of attractive, durable stainless steel and natural, sustainable cork 
  • Supremely comfortable, non-slip handle and knob protect your fingers from heat 
  • Sturdy base boils water at the flick of a switch and features an indicator light and automatic shut-off for peace of mind 
  • Convenient 0.8 L / 27 oz capacity 

Bodum Melior Gooseneck Kettle 0.8L

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