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Our French Roast, made with 100% Arabica coffee beans from the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica, is the darkest roast we offer. This ultra dark, intense roast keeps the traditional taste of this coffee house classic with a much bolder flavor profile, while still maintaining a notably sweet and bright citrus finish.

The climate of Costa Rica is ideal for growing coffee due to dense volcanic soil and warm tropical weather. Tarrazu is one of 4 main growing regions in the country and produces fantastic, high grown beans. The density of the beans contributes to the full flavor of Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee.

Tarrazu French Roast is one step darker than a dark roast, with a rich bold smooth cup. Roasted to a deep, rich almost black color, the oils are fully developed on the beans & the finished cup is steeped with a bold smoky flavor.


  • Grown at 1400 - 1700 metres above sea level in rich volcanic soil.
  • Hand-picked.

Flavour Notes

Bold, smoky, intense flavour. Hints of tropical fruit. Caramel and dark chocolate notes. Sweet and bright citrus finish.

Looking for a strong cup of coffee? Then look no further!

Costa Rica Tarrazu French Roast

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